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This is the first book in a collection of 13 books called Thrilling Thirteen on sale by for only 99c I bought it hoping but not having much faith Soon after I started this book I knew this was the best 99c I have ever spend This book alone is worth that price and so much The plot line has some fresh elements and the Cosa Nostra involvement was absolutely stunning I got invested in the characters almost from the get go and the bad guys was such a meany I wanted to trip him and then kick the living daylights out of him.The writing style flows evenly and effortlessly and I fell in love with this book and this author all at once An amazing story in a genre that tends to get old fast Not this book, not this author Loved it.WaAr Terrorists are loose on U.S soil and they re ready to kill as many people as it takes until their demands are met When bombs start going off against civilian targets, it s down to Nick Bracco, lead member of the FBI s counterterrorist task force, and his partner to find the head terrorist and stop him before things can get any worseThis book was awesome I don t usually read this genre, and to be honest I only really picked this up because the cover looked cool, but this book had me hooked the whole way through From start to finish, it was fascinating I didn t even know Mafia vs Terrorists was a thing, but it definitely should be I look forward to reading the other books in the series when I get the chance.Everyone should give this book a try It just might surprise you. #READ BOOK ⚠ A Touch of Deceit à Winner Of The Southwest Writers Novel Contest, Thriller Category FBI Agent Nick Bracco Can T Stop A Kurdish Terrorist From Firing Missiles At Random Homes Across The Country The Police Can T Stand Watch Over Every Household, So Bracco Recruits His Cousin Tommy To Help Track Down This Terrorist Tommy Is In The Mafia Oh Yeah, It Gets Messy Fast As Fast As You Can Turn The Pages Stephen Carpenter, Creator Of NBC S Hit Show Grimm, Said, Couldn T Put It Down And Now I Want Bravo Judith L Pearson Author Of Wolves At The Door, And Belly Of The Beast, Said, Gary Ponzo Is Simply The Best New Thriller Writer Out There Ethics Goes to the Movies Thriller Category FBI Agent Nick Bracco Can T Stop A Kurdish Terrorist From Firing Missiles At Random Homes Across The Country The Police Can T Stand Watch Over Every Household Memory Distortion So Bracco Recruits His Cousin Tommy To Help Track Down This Terrorist Tommy Is In The Mafia Oh Yeah 333 Hausbewohner It Gets Messy Fast As Fast As You Can Turn The Pages Stephen Carpenter ภาม คนรับจ้างตาย เล่ม 1 ตอน “คนรับจ้างตาย” Creator Of NBC S Hit Show Grimm Irresistible Gifts To Knit Said Turning the Page Couldn T Put It Down And Now I Want Bravo Judith L Pearson Author Of Wolves At The Door दर्शन दिग्दर्शन And Belly Of The Beast Instrumental Analysis Said คุณแม่มือใหม่ หัวใจผิดแผน Gary Ponzo Is Simply The Best New Thriller Writer Out There Many novels these days are tagged as a Thriller Sometimes I m a little disappointed because they don t always seem to fit that genre I was pleasantly surprised that A Touch of Deceit checked every box for me that a thriller should be and I was immediately engrossed in Gary Ponzo s debut, award winning thriller from the first page.The hero, Nick Bracco works as an anti terrorism FBI agent The reader is instantly thrown into the high stakes life of this true life action hero The clock is ticking down as Bracco tries to stop a Kurdish terrorist from blowing up random homes across America Everyone s nightmare has been realized Bracco is forced to recruit his close cousin Tommy, a member of the Italian Mafia, to help track down this assassin before lives are lost A Touch of Deceit is a cleverly written thriller with plenty of twists and turns, action, and strong dialogue to keep you turning the pages well into the night The characters show strength and depth The plot moves quickly, leaving the reader to want The dialogue is direct and well written Gary Ponzo is an author that everyone should add to their reading list I highly recommend for thriller, suspense, and mystery fans. 4.5 starsHow often does an FBI Agent have a relative and a friend in the Mafia Nick Bracco does His cousin, Tommy Bracco and boyhood friend, Silk The three men grew up together and have remained close Nick is the head of an anti terrorist unit and he and his partner, Matt McColm, capture a Kurdish terrorist, Rashid Baser The leader of the terrorists, Kemel Kharrazi retaliates by taking Nick s brother hostage.The Kurdish group of terrorists are in the United States to orchestrate a spate of terrible bombings demolishing houses across every state in America, payback for the US involvement in the war between the Turks and the Kurds The KSF want the American troops out of Turkey and they are prepared to kill American citizens without discrimination Nick and Matt are now involved in a plot which ultimately aims to bomb the White House.When Tommy is injured in a revenge attack and Nick s wife is targeted, the FBI and the Mafia join forces behind the scenes Nick s heritage is Sicilian and things are getting far too personal for his liking.It seems I m rather late to the party but I m about to catch up quickly I really enjoyed this first in the Nick Bracco series A fast moving story with compelling and strong characters who are all well rounded from the start, the glimpses into their personal lives gives them substance and distinction Nick s issues and the situation he finds himself in make him very human and engaging The dialogue flows naturally and believably, the plot excellent and well thought through The main antagonist is well conceived, ruthless and menacing.Nick and Matt are the perfect team, each playing off the other s strengths, and they have a terrific relationship The inclusion of Silk, Tommy and Sal gave the whole thing a noticeable difference in direction a definite plus Tommy and Silk can, and do, go beyond the lines of accepted behaviour from law enforcement. This is the 1st story that I have read by this author and it won t be the last.The story introduces Nick Bracco who is a member of the FBI Terrorism Task Force He becomes involved with events that are being performed by Turkish Kurds They are bombing houses in each of the fifty states and he is assigned stop them.In order for Nick to stop them, it becomes necessary to employ a secret weapon You will need to read the story to find out what it is.The action portrayed is well done and all of the characters are well done and I highly recommend this series to any one who enjoys action and reading tales of adventures performed by the FBI or other Government agencies. The first in the Nick Bracco thriller series by a new indie author.This book was like a punch in the teeth There s plenty of adrenaline filled action There were a few grammar issues and some of the scenes read oddly due to the word choice but nothing that was too detracting.I almost always like it when authors take creative license with real life or perceived ideas of government and agencies In this case you have an FBI agent that recruits the mob to assist in taking down terrorists.There are people who complain when authors stretch the bounds of believability and it always makes me laugh It s fiction people, if you re not able to suspend believe then you probably should be reading non fiction There have only been a few instances where the author took it to such extremes that I couldn t finish the book While there are some things that clearly are out of the box, I found them to be entertaining and fitting for the world that the author has created in this series.The two main characters, Nick and Matt are a little too similar and a few times I forgot which was which so I hope in the next books that Mr Ponzo takes a little time to give each one their own identity and personalities I tend to enjoy the law of opposites where the characters balance each out but not so drastically that it creates animosity.I tend to primarily read indie authors and this is another great example of the fantastic writing that is now readily available for a price that won t make you cringe I ve read many traditionally published authors that didn t stack up to books like this and many others out there.I d have a hard time not recommending this to any and all thriller and action fans and suspect that Mr Ponzo is going to have a successful publishing career. I liked the intro and the plot The story built nicely over the first 50% of the book, but I felt the chase that made up the last 50% or of the book was a little bit drawn out Maybe I just wasn t in the mood, but it did take me quite a few weeks to get through that last part of the book.Nick, the protagonist, was well developed, as was his sidekick Matt, and the author did a good job of having quite a large cast of characters whilst making them all easy to remember.Although the plot was an outlandish one, it was well conceived, and totally believable There were a few times where my initial reaction was no way , but then it would be revealed how or why that happened, and all would become clear I like it when stories hang together, and this one definitely did that.All in all a well written book that will be an enjoyable read for anyone who likes a good thriller. This was a Goodreads give a way book from Gary Ponzo I received the book from Gary shortly after I was notified that I was a winner in his give a way I wasn t expecting much but was I ever surprised I should have immediately started reading It was that good and I really had a hard time putting the book down once I began reading This is Gary Ponzo s first book in the Nick Bracco thrillers I definitely want If you are into thrillers then I recommend it highly I can t believe this was Gary s first book Hello to everyone and welcome to the middle of the week Joy of joys Things have been hopping here Gelati s Scoop The G Zone and I couldn t be happier The rest of the week we have some really nice novels, and digital shorts to feature Our guests the next few days are a great assortment of genres and personalities Thursday in the G Zone is Gary Ponzo, today s featured author post, and on Friday in a return engagement Leonardo Ramirez author of the graphic novel Haven and the soon to be released full length novel Haven Not too bad Let s get to today s novel and have some fun shall we Did you know this novel has 41 five star reviews on Kindle 51 ratings overall Again, not too shabby Here is what is between the virtual covers Winner of the 2009 Southwest Writers Novel Contest, Thriller category FBI agent Nick Bracco can t stop a Kurdish terrorist from firing missiles at random homes across the country The police can t stand watch over every household, so Bracco recruits his cousin Tommy to help track down this terrorist Tommy is in the Mafia Oh yeah, it gets messy fast As fast as you can turn the pages I am a big fan of this kind of stuff My fingers, excuse me, my thumbs were sore when I got done this They couldn t click fast enough My eyes did not want to leave the Kindle This is an awesome novel and a worthy read The characters are great, the action intense, and Gary Ponzo knows how to craft a story This puts the words, Bang for the Buck , in a new light The download is.99, a great bargain I want to include his bio in this post, because it goes a long way to explain the workings of this novel He sounds like a blast, has lead a very colored life, and I am looking forward to yapping with him tomorrow on The G ZONE Here you go, read it enjoy the day, and talk to you soon everybody Author Gary Ponzo began his writing career over a decade ago by writing short stories He quickly discovered a knack for the short form In just five years he d published seven short stories in various publications, two of which were nominated for the very prestigious Pushcart Prize.His first novel, A Touch of Deceit, took five years to write and one to pick clean The story was born from his childhood experiences working in his father s candy store in Brooklyn, NY His father was Sicilian and became friendly with some local members of a different kind of Sicilian family Since Gary was just fifteen at the time, these family members would make sure he was protected whenever he would work late at night by himself He soon discovered a side to the mafia not many people knew It was these relationships which caused him to write about Sicilian FBI agent, Nick Bracco, who recruits his mafia cousin to chase down the world s most feared terrorist A Touch of Deceit, went on to win the 2009 Southwest Writers Novel Contest, Thriller category He is working on the sequel to the novel as well as continuing to publish his short stories Gary currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Jennifer and two children, Jessica and Kyle What are you reading today Have you checked out our new blogtalk radio show The G ZONE Check us out and become our friend on Shelfari, The Novel Spot Twitter Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on Did you know you can shop directly on by clicking the Banner on our blog Thanks for stopping by today We will see you tomorrow Have a great day.

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About the Author: Gary Ponzo

Gary Ponzo was born in Brooklyn, but now lives in Phoenix with his wife Jennifer and two children, Jessica and Kyle He began his writing career focusing on short stories to gain publishing credit His stories have appeared in numerous publications including Amazing Journeys Magazine and Potpourri Two of his stories were nominated for the very prestigious Pushcart Prize.His first novel, A Touch